1. Earthen
    Sam Anning

  2. Dualling

  3. Cinematic Light Orchestra
    Callum Allardice

  4. Discordia
    Jeremy Rose & the Earshift Orchestra

  5. Ghost Frequency II - Resonance
    Cameron Undy

  6. Lattices
    Jordan Tarento

  7. Polymorphic
    Maddison Carter

  8. Liminal Silence
    Sunny Kim, Vardan Ovsepian, Ben Monder

  9. The Odd River
    Helen Svoboda

  10. Daughter of the Seas
    Visions of Nar

  11. Delve

  12. I Cakewalked With a Zombie
    Phillip Johnston

  13. Project Infinity Live at Phoenix Central Park
    Jeremy Rose

  14. The Bach Project
    Michelle Nicolle

  15. Nightjar
    The Vampires

  16. In The Waves
    Steve Barry

  17. Book of Boobook
    Paddy Fitzgerald

  18. Gliese 667C

  19. To Vanish

  20. Oceans Together
    Mark Ginsburg & Ryan Grogan

  21. Ritual Diamonds
    Christopher Hale

  22. Equally True
    Rafael Karlen

  23. Disruption! The Voice of Drums
    Jeremy Rose & the Earshift Orchestra

  24. The Light and the Dark
    Kristin Berardi

  25. Afterlife
    The Three Seas

  26. Face to Face
    Jeremy Rose

  27. Ghost Frequency
    Cameron Undy

  28. Flux
    Delay 45

  29. Oaatchapai
    Sam Anning

  30. The Offering
    Anton Delecca

  31. Divide and Conquer
    Johannes Luebbers

  32. Lost in Place
    I Hold the Lion's Paw

  33. The Sacred Key

  34. Bloodshot
    Cameron Undy

  35. Mad Stream
    20th Century Dog

  36. Land of If
    Ball Hanlon Schulz

  37. Project Masnavi
    Eishan Ensemble

  38. Pink Milk
    Koi Kingdom

  39. Since Subito

  40. My Trio Album
    James Bowers

  41. HAVEN

  42. Living
    Paul Cutlan String Project

  43. Treading Water
    Avgenicos Brothers

  44. A Short Film
    The Rest Is Silence

  45. Trio I
    Marty Holoubek

  46. Laniakea
    Trio Kleine Ahnung

  47. Iron in the Blood
    Jeremy Rose & The Earshift Orchestra

  48. Summit Over

  49. Our Songs, Not Songs
    Kristin Berardi and Sam Anning

  50. The Composers' Voice: Celebrating Australian Women Composers
    Elly Hoyt

  51. Amen
    Joseph Franklin

  52. The Dark Pattern
    Phil Slater

  53. Many Altered Returns
    Sam Gill's Coursed Waters

  54. Rock Dog
    Scott McConnachie Carl Dewhurst Simon Barker

  55. Pacifica
    The Vampires

  56. She Give Me Lovin'
    The Strides

  57. [A]part
    Ellen Kirkwood + Sirens Big Band

  58. The First Proxy
    Hishakaku Quartet

  59. Across A Field As Vast As One
    Sam Anning

  60. Today Will Be Another Day
    James Macaulay and the Happy Hoppy Orchestra

  61. Abstract Playgrounds
    I Hold the Lion's Paw

  62. Blueprints & Vignettes
    Steve Barry

  63. Within and Without (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)
    Jeremy Rose

  64. The Vampires meet Lionel Loueke
    The Vampires

  65. Bone
    20th Century Dog

  66. The Youth, the Rich & the Fake RIDDIMS
    The Strides

  67. Ode to an Auto Rickshaw feat. Bobby Singh and Sarangan Sriranganathan
    Compass Quartet

  68. Volume 1

  69. Sand Lines
    Jeremy Rose

  70. The Youth, The Rich & The Fake
    The Strides

  71. Tiro
    The Vampires

  72. Oneirology feat. Jackson Harrison
    Compass Quartet with Jackson Harrison

  73. Garfish
    The Vampires

  74. Reclamation
    The Strides

  75. Chiba
    Jeremy Rose

  76. Chellowdene
    The Vampires

  77. The Strides
    The Strides

  78. South Coasting
    The Vampires


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“The Sydney-based imprint reflects the next generation of talent from the Australian jazz scene and is hell-bent on shaping new unique voices and pushing the very definition of what jazz can be and can achieve.”
“Earshift represents the fresh future of Australian music” - nycjazzrecord
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